Mixed Needs Plastics - a new collective!

🔸The notion that plastic is precious is new🔸

It goes against the general consensus that plastic is to be disposable, worthy of only a one time use and is consistently the cheap option. However, it’s very costly. It’s costing us our oceans, it’s creating more landfills and destroying native habitats for people, animals and plants all around the world. 🌎 Plastic is made from oil, a natural resource that is finite, not infinite and it really is an amazing material!!

One small plan has hatched in the mixed needs studio with the help of other collaborators and artists. We plan on creating a line or lines of products that are completely made of 100% recycled plastic within the next year and learning, educating and experimenting in the process. 💫

We’re looking forward to exploring and collaborating with people in different industries of design, recycling and manufacturing in the next year and are building a model based on Precious Plastics, who we thank wholeheartedly for building an open source manual from the ground up for small sustainable local recycling centers.

2018 - Looking forward to doing more with our waste on a local level. 🔸
Please get in touch if you are interested in sharing resources or want to help out with this project, email gabi@mixedneeds.com 🔸

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