Below is a sampling of public work we have created in the past. Stay tuned for more.


Egypts longest female empress

Kara Cooney - Egyptologist at UCLA just released her latest book titled, "The Woman Who Would Be King". It's a look at Hatshepsut, a woman of incredible magnitude and one of the longest female rulers in Ancient Egypt. Can't wait to read this and look for more of her videos relating to a class she teaches entitled, Women and Power in the Ancient World!!!!👊yas queen.

"PLASTICS as plastics" - 1968 Museum of Contemporary Craft exhibition

In 1968, The Museum of Contemporary Craft in New York had a show called, “PLASTICS as plastic” This marked a large shift that gave plastic a seat at the table as a new worthy material. No longer was it being used to mimic other natural materials, now it’s unique properties were being accentuated and highlighted. It’s exceptional qualities at the forefront, these artists and designers played in every way with this material. ⚪️
Works included: 
1. “Chair” - Neil small designs 
2. “Yellow heart weekend house” - Haus Rucker co 
3. “Radome” - fully inflated dome - Collins & aikman 
4. “Orb” - a polyurethane foam chair - Terrance Cashen

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Highlighted Artist - Katie Paterson

Katie Paterson is a contemporary artist who's work focuses on geological time and our place on the earth. Her work is incredibly thoughtful and hopeful in a time when dystopian imagery looms in every corner we look. She collaborates with scientists and researchers from across the world and we recommend going to her site to see her latest work. Below are two examples of recent work she's done that center around time and questions how we think about scales of time. 


The Future Library

In 2014, a forest was planted in Norway. In 2114, when the trees are 100 years old, 100 manuscripts will be printed from the harvested paper which the trees will provide. Every year, a contributor will gift an unread work to the project and in 100 years time, the work will be available to read in Oslo, Norway. The first to contribute was legendary Margaret Atwood.


Fossil Necklace

"A necklace comprising 170 fossils carved into spherical beads. It is a string of worlds, with each bead representing a major event in the evolution of life through the vast expanse of geological time. From the monocellular origins of life on Earth to the shifting of the continents, from the extinctions of the Cretaceous period triggered by a falling meteorite to the first blooming of flowers, Fossil Necklace charts the development of life on our planet."


Mixed Needs - Keeping your senses strong and your pocketbook closed (slightly)

The name Mixed Needs was jotted down onto a list that Michael and I would refer to as our "baby names" list. We still have this list today. Though most of the names are inside jokes, some of them are just snippets of conversations, short phrases that we liked or word combinations that seemed to somehow stand for something we found meaningful or fun. They varied from.."Panic Banana" to "Refreshing the stream"..most were silly and most didn't make sense. 

However, we always had Mixed Needs on this list. The meaning of this concept has changed over the course of my life and our relationship. Initially, I had thought of it as a way to encapsulate all of ones expectations in a partnership. It was always clear to us that we needed a village to make us happy, trying as hard as we could to not put the bulk of our expectations on just eachother. The weight of ourselves being dispersed to friends, loved ones, family, therapists thus reciprocating other's experiences and bringing them home to share.

As years went by, we kept coming back to MN, only this time, it represented new ideals.

The instant gratification of clicking and purchasing is all too common and we recognized it first within our selves. It's unfortunately the American pastime to consume without realizing the consequences both on our psychological health or how it affects the physical world. I believe we limit our senses, our ability to feel new experiences when we numb them this way..we aren't exploring the world anymore on our own, we're being fed what we should do, buy and what is socially acceptable. We're told that drinking in bars is the best way to hang out with friends and quality time with your family is a shopping trip. While we definitely partake in these activities, it isn't the only way of being and it isn't the only way of experiencing the world together. We have much more complex, ineffable Mixed Needs. 

A quick example: You're feeling low, you look at instagram, maybe you're feeling stuck. Maybe instead of instagram, or looking at your phone. What you really need is a good roll on some grass. Find a patch of grass, if you don't have any, go to your neighbors lawn. They most likely won't care, just don't lay there all day. Give yourself some time to smell everything. Look up at the sky and imagine you're somewhere else in the world, looking up that sky in the exact same position. Take a break.

Another example: You feel ansy, you've just gotten to a party. You see someone you know and they come up to you, give you a hug and a kiss on your cheek. Before you know it, you're feeling welcome, warmed and somehow much more ready to mingle about. Maybe all you needed was a kiss on the cheek.

As an online shop, this may seem contradictory to be telling you NOT to buy things so first, we'd like you to consider the following:

1. With every object/item in the store, there will always be something for free. A resource, a poem, an idea, a piece of health advice, something that's a takeaway that won't cost you anything but your valuable valuable valuable attention space. THAT in itself is more precious than all the jewels you could ever buy.

2. We would much rather sell you "action items" versus finished products, see the ceramic "tool kit" or the "crafting kit" or the "break something kit". 

3. Lastly and most importantly, we want to support artists we believe in. We want to sell work from people that we ourselves would actually want to buy from. We will only post items that we love and will vouch for.

Thanks for reading, I hope this makes sense and I hope you're using all your senses today.

XO g