Mixed Needs is the collaborative effort of Gabi Villaseñor & Michael Bunsen. We are fascinated by natural materials and intrigued by human-made systems. Clay, sound, linen, stone, language, commerce, vision, highways, health, history, utopia, dystopia. Wherever our gaze lies, our experiments will end up here. Some will be for sale, some will be for sharing and spreading, some will be misleading. So sit back, look around and see what you like. Give us a call to talk through an idea. Take your time. We will be here!


Gabi & Michael


Gabi Villaseñor studied painting, sculpture and video installation at Pacific Northwest college of Art in Portland, OR. Currently, she is exploring the human relationship to technology and ancient craft through sculpture, sound and printed material.

Michael Bunsen is a technologist and artist. He enjoys experimenting with sound, language and education. Michael recognizes the growing pains of 21st century life with computers and is known to hold performative lectures around that theme. He is currently investigating the potential of machine learning to restore native habitats and wildlife. 


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