Waves - Pink Sand Verbena Series

Pink Sand Verbena 

This year, we are starting a series of lamp collections, each using an endangered plant or animal as a point of departure for it's design. We're starting with the Pink Sand Verbena collection.

Pink Sand Verbena is a flowering plant found on the Oregon and California coastlines. It's fragrant flowers bloom between June and September, attracting moths at night and the Western Snowy Plover shorebird by day. Due to increased habitat degradation over the past few decades, both the Snowy Plover and Pink Sand Verbena have started to decline rapidly in numbers. Their co-dependency is incredibly important for each others survival, as is our co-dependency with plants and animals.

We're donating 15% of the proceeds from each lamp sale to:

The Native Plant Society of Oregon


*These lamps are made to order, please allow up to 4-6 weeks for delivery. Includes metallic fabric cord with thumb switch & lightbulb. 

Regular price $ 320.00