2021 Mixed Needs Compassion Calendar

This year it's back and bigger than ever! 

at 11 x 14, you'll be able to write in all the margins :) 

Here's a little note that I wanted to write about this past year: 

If there was anything I've learned in 2020, it was to understand what is complex and what is simple. What is within my control and what is outside of my control. What is necessary and what is not. How to understand what taking care of myself and others looks like.These are all things I'm still working out, as I'm positive a lot of us are. 

There are times when we remember just how fragile yet resilient we all are. 2020 was one of those times. But now with the cat (out of the bag? out of the house? wailing in the meadow??...) we know that these times weren't confined to only last year. I think the stark reality is that we're all shifting and understanding the complex ecosystem we've built together and how we affect one another, our environment, other habitats, other loved ones, ones we don't love or know yet or will never know. If we already knew this intellectually, we now know this physically and emotionally, on a cellular level. 

I write this as a request of myself and a sharing of the thoughts that are spinning around my head these days... My request is: be kind to other people, it's healing and it's not trivial, it never was. Take care of something, anything. Helplessness is sure to be felt but we aren't helpless, we are powerful. Listen to your body, it knows everything. We are biological magic machinery that is intelligent and vast. Help when you can. Ask for help when you need it. Prepare as much as you can then let go. Be aware of injustices and make it an active part of your life to try to chip away at what you see. Doing something small doesn't mean it doesn't matter, it's all that matters, it's everything that matters. Gratefulness is a practice and changes your neurological pathways. Delay your gratification. If you can be outside, try to smell, hear, taste or really see something. Share what you see. It's a miracle that this planet and all the life on it even exists at all. Don't burn yourself out, make meaning where you can and hug someone, if you're lucky enough to do so.


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